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Rare Antique Trompe L’oeil Oyster Plate

Rare Antique Trompe L’oeil Oyster Plate

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fancy a dip?

these pale green 8.5” trompe l’oeil napkin fold plates were produced in Germany in the late 1800s. in wonderful antique condition.

$175 each.

the beloved oyster plate was born in the Victorian era, when oysters rose in popularity as a delicacy. in true gilded age fashion, dinner hosts used these delicate, hand-painted, porcelain plates to display their status and wealth. plate production slowed after WWI when Victorian frivolity and lavishness were replaced by the sensibility of the post-war Modern era.

oyster plates have now become highly collectible items, with colored, patterned, and damage-free plates being the most sought-after. when displayed together in a china cabinet or on a wall, they make an absolutely stunning interior statement (with a rich history!)

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